There are several different categories of membership within ARIDO. Each category has specific qualification criteria, as well as ongoing requirements to maintain the membership.

In order to be granted an ARIDO membership as a Registered member, applicants must meet the minimum standards of qualification as established by ARIDO.

ARIDO Membership runs from January to December each year, with membership dues established on an annual basis and pro-rated for new members where applicable.

In 2014, ARIDO began an undertaking to set a clear direction for ensuring fair access to all applicants, including a recommendation to move toward the assessment of qualifications based on competencies rather than credentials. With the initial review process now complete, the next phase of the project is scheduled to begin as of May 2015, following a public consultation period.

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In 2009, ARIDO approved changes to its membership requirements with respect to the education and experience necessary to become a Registered Member.


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