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MAY 11

Join the Southern Ontario Chapter members for the upcoming Annual General Meeting which will feature a presentation from ARIDO, networking with local members, plus a CEU presentation, and of course a variety of tasty snacks!

CEU SESSION #1Why good acoustic design matters today and will matter even more in the future. A HSW CEU

This talk will cover some basics of acoustics, relevant acoustical criteria, good acoustical design practices and the impacts of the code changes on future designs. At the end, you will have an understanding of how sound transfers through walls, floors, and other paths, both airborne and structure-borne, and what to consider, design and spec. to meet code and comfort. The course will count as one CEU credit.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERNicholas Sylvestre-Williams from Aercoustics

Nicholas is a partner and owner of Aercoustics Engineering Ltd., an engineering consulting company specializing in acoustics, noise and vibration. Nicholas delivers acoustic design consulting services to the residential, the commercial and the hospitality industry on a regular basis, to ensure that the design projects will satisfy the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, and best practice for acoustic-related client needs. Nicholas is a registered Professional Engineer & Designated Consulting Engineer with the Professional Engineers Ontario, and has presented at many national and international conferences on acoustics and has taught acoustic theory and practice for various organizations.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERKiyoshi Kuroiwa, B.A.Sc., P.Eng., Construction Administration Engineer from Aercoustics

Over the past decade, Kiyoshi has led Aercoustics' construction administration team. In that time, he has helped develop, with painstaking rigor, acoustic details, specifications, and site review methodologies. Kiyoshi's design background gives him keen insight into the architectural process and the intent of the design team. Pulling off acoustic success is a multidisciplinary effort, with every discipline playng a make or break role. Kiyoshi's site inspection and acoustic contract administration skills are highly sought after to ensure everyone is on the same page.

CEU SESSION #2Generation Z: The Connected Generation

In 2018, Generation Z will enter the workplace for the first time. With Generation Z representing over 28% of the global population, their influence on where and how we work will be significant. Generation Z thinks differently than previous generations—and they work differently too. They expect constant feedback, yet want their voices heard and valued. They are experiential learners with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Plus, they are constantly connected to the world around them through technology. The course will count as one CEU credit.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERNicolas Koeppe from Steelcase

Dealer Business Manager on behalf of Steelcase, Nicolas’ background in the industry reaches into its 20th year. With a degree in Industrial Design, he started his career in the Design & Innovation team with Canada’s largest contract furniture manufacture. Gifted in the art of small talk and conversation, a passion for design, and an interest in helping others, a transition into sales was inevitable. A believer in the power of networking & community, he understands that someone who knows how something works is uniquely qualified to develop a strategy to sell, plan and promote it. Inspired and passionate, an infinite organizer and detail nut – he loves getting a team and clients excited about the prospects of what can be!

CEU SESSION #3How to Specify Architectural Millwork

This session will explore how to specify and achieve excellence in woodwork for commercial applications. Two short case studies will be presented, demonstrating what not to do when drawing up specifications, as well as how the problem was resolved and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The course will count as one CEU credit.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERPat French from Upper Canada Forest Products

Pat French is Senior Specifications Representative for Upper Canada Forest Products. Pat is the company's lead for Architectural Woodworking and is actively involved in delivering IDCEC-approved HSW - Sustainability seminars for the design community in the GTA.

Date/Time Fri May 11th, 2018  |  1pm - 8pm EST
  1. 1:00 –  Registration Opens
  2. 2:00 – 3:00  1st CEU (1 CEU point/hour)
  3. 3:15 – 4:15  2nd CEU (1 CEU point/hour)
  4. 4:30 – 5:30  3rd CEU (1 CEU point/hour)
  5. 5:30 – 6:30  Network + Tabletop Displays + Food
  6. 6:30 – 7:30  AGM (1 CEU point/hour)
Location Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel
3063 South Service Road  Burlington - ON - L7N 3E9map
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