Supervised Work Experience

Supervised Work Experience

Interior Design Experience Program (IDEP)

As of January 1, 2010, mandatory participation in IDEP (Interior Design Experience Program) is no longer required. Intern members who have remained enrolled in the IDEP program may continue to participate in this program rather than ARIDO's Supervised Work Experience requirement and Professional Development program if they wish.

The Interior Design Experience Program (IDEP) was developed and is currently administered by the CIDQ, the Council for Interior Design Qualification, to assist entry-level designers in obtaining a broad range of quality professional experience and to establish performance guidelines for the work experience of new designers. The program provides a structure for the essential transition between formal education and professional practice, recognizing the differences between classroom and workplace.

Interns choosing to report work experience via IDEP are required to register with CIDQ and remit the IDEP program fee to CIDQ directly. ARIDO is committed to maintaining sufficient standards of education, experience, and examination in order to ensure that interior designers practicing in Ontario are competent, professional individuals knowledgeable in all aspects of interior design.

IDEP provides a complete and balanced curriculum for the first years of work after graduation and prepares you for the next step in your career cycle. It targets critical experience areas needed for the professional interior designer in any specialty area, assists in preparing you for the NCIDQ examination, builds on your professional network through mentorship and greater workplace participation and helps train you for the responsibility and liability issues of Registered membership.

The IDEP program has three key components - experience, supervision and mentoring. To satisfy the IDEP requirements, participants must gain experience in eight separate categories: Programming, Conceptual/Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Project Administration, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Business Practices and Additional Experience.

The IDEP supervisor and mentor share the responsibility of providing Interns with the best possible advice on the activities of daily practice for the development of competence as a professional. The role of the supervisor is to oversee the daily activities of the participant. A mentor, not connected to the employing firm, is selected by the participant and acts as an advisor. Participants meet with mentors a minimum of three times annually to review experience and discuss career objectives. Supervisors must be ARIDO members, NCIDQ certificate holders or architects, while mentors must be ARIDO Registered or Retired Members.


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